6V6 Channel

EL84 Channel


Silky smooth vintage overdrive reminiscent of 6V6 tube 
Soaring smooth vintage overdrive
 reminiscent of  EL84 tube
Liquid Crystal Compression to refine dynamic touch response.
6V6 Channel
3 Gain Stage Switch
Volume - Gain - Tone
Comp Volume - Comp Ratio
Internal dip switches for bypass mode


I met Tim Jaeurnig at the Nashville Amp Show in 2008. 
I'd heard about the new custom amps that Tim had designed for Peavey and went to check them out.
I was incredibly impressed by the design and tone of those hand wired amps and have been a fan of Tim's pedals, amps and work ethic ever since...It's an honor to collaborate on the 'Soul Driver' pedal with him.
Tim and I both believe that 'great tone' begins with the essence of the player...their soul.
We wanted to create an overdrive pedal that would capture that magic and transparently overdrive it through two uniquely voiced channels. I wanted the drive to be smooth and silky even when pushed hard... so we incorporated a true bypass compressor to the front end of both channels if so desired. We are proud to present you with the 'Soul Driver'...a perfect conduit for the personality of your playing, guitars, effects and amplifiers.
Volume - Gain - Tone
9VDC or 9V Battery


"The Soul Driver is perfect!  It's never coming off of my board...In just a few minutes, I was able to get the exact tone I was looking for"...Chris Carr


6V6 & EL84



Every Robbie Calvo Signature 'Soul Driver' pedal is hand made to order in the U.S.A. Orders typically ship within 14 days.



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